April 27 -May 5
What is included?
  • Airport transfer
    Cusco Airport (pick up at 2 PM)
    Lima Airport (drop off at 6 PM)
  • Villa
    4 types of accommodation in villa
  • Food
    Healthy food on your choice:
    vegetarian, vegetarian with fish, vegetarian with chicken
  • + Extra
    Flight and meals in cafe (lunch and dinner approximately $25-30 per day)
9 days Trip Program
Welcome evening
We settle into a house in the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco. The altitude is 11,152 feet above sea level, so we acclimatize gradually, drink coca leaf tea, and recover. After the introduction, we engage in breathing exercises to aid in adaptation.
Immersion into Peruvian culture
We have breakfast and embark on our first adventure.

A ceremony of gratitude to the sun, the earth, and all living things by Peruvian shamans awaits us. Afterwards, lunch in local restaurant. We'll have excursion around the Cusco.

Will have evening light yoga. We'll try making cocoa and get to know each other better."

Exploration of the ancient city of Cusco
In the morning, yoga and a delicious, healthy breakfast await us.

We set out to explore the city of Cusco. It boasts an incredible number of churches and museums, and on the main square, you can take photos with ladies in colorful national attire and their pets – lamas. We will go the mountain to see the panoramic view of Cusco and the mystical Inca citadel of Sacsayhuaman. We contemplate how the gigantic stones were brought here and perfectly fitted together. Scientists have been puzzled by this mystery for many years — there is a theory that the fortress was not built by the Incas but by another, more advanced civilization.

In the evening, we'll meditate with singing bowls.

Trip to Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu – the lost city of the Incas, a wonder of the world, one of the most sought-after postcards in the world. We have breakfast and set out early in the morning for Machu Picchu; the journey will be long but incredibly beautiful.

First, we'll take a train with a panoramic roof, then ascend higher by bus, and continue with a guided walking tour of Machu Picchu.

After the tour, we'll have lunch and explore the tourist town.

In the evening, we return home by train.
Trip to Pisac
After yoga and breakfast, we immediately head to another breathtaking destination - the town of Pisac.

We'll visit unique agricultural terraces built on steep mountain slopes and the well-thought-out Inca irrigation system.

In the town of Pisac, at the base of the fortress, there's one of the most vibrant markets in the entire Sacred Valley, which we will also definitely visit. We'll try hot pastries, observe how local grandmothers knit socks and weave ribbons with patterns.

In the evening, we'll do breathing exercises before bedtime.

Trip to Rainbow Mountain
The event takes the entire day, from 6 AM to 6 PM.

The journey takes 2-3 hours: trekking uphill to an altitude of 17000 feet, time at the summit, then an hour and a half walking downhill, and a three-hour drive back to Cusco. It is essential to dress warmly, so be sure to bring warm clothing! Horses will be available to ascend to the summit. Incredible views of snow-capped peaks and, of course, the Rainbow Mountain itself. Breakfast and lunch are included and will be provided at a local café.

Pack our bags (for an early departure the next day).

Transfer day to Lake Titicaca
The journey to the lake will be made in a comfortable bus with seats that recline up to 160 degrees.
Lake Titicaca. The Second Chakra of the Earth.
We have a journey ahead to an energetically powerful place where the Second Chakra of the Earth is located. We will be staying right by the lake in traditional houses. We'll explore the island and engage in a collective meditation.
Last day
We fly from Puno to Lima (this flight is included). We hug, say our goodbyes until our next meeting ❤️. (Be sure to choose the return ticket from Lima Airport to your city after 6 PM)."
The cost depends on the type of accommodation
Shared room for 3 people with a single beds
(per person)
Separate room for two with a Queen bed (if traveling with a friend/sister or willing to share a bed with another participant)
(per person)
Separate room for two with two single beds
Separate room for one with a double bed
We organize global trips exclusively for girls, filled with yoga, meditations, hikes, fitness, silent disco, and occasional latin dancing vibes.

Our journey began in January 2019, exploring nearly every National Park in the USA—Zion, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Joshua Tree—and ventured to Peru, Mexico, and Portugal. To date, we've hosted over 45 trips for more than 350 incredible girls.

Wondering why you haven't stumbled upon us before? We initially started as a Russian-speaking project for Eastern European immigrants—@girlspowercamp.

Now, armed with loads of experience, we're ready to spread our wings and welcome even more amazing souls.

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